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Our company is a trusted name in world class brands of mother and child health-care products. The modern day Pakistan market is loaded with health-care products, food supplements, baby milk formulas etc. This arouses neck to neck competition and also leads to utter confusion in the customer’s mind. However, if there is one solution to put an end to this confusion.It is the quality factor. One product surpasses the others owing to its superior quality. We, Global Brands Marketing are a reputed importer and marketer of world class brands. It gives us pleasure when we claim that our brand stands out from the rest. We give top priority to our customers. The extra ordinary features of our brands give us an edge over our contenders.This is why we emphasize on continuous improvisation of the quality of our services.

People have become extremely cautious, selective and demanding, especially in the mother and child health-care products they need. Reliable health-care products guarantee for health related needs of their family.We constantly endeavor to supply the consistent quality of our world class brands for the high requirements of our customers. There is a burning desire in us to deliver the best possible to our customers. We are privileged to satisfy our customers; apart from sustained client base, our clientele is expanding each day. Our increasing client base motivates us to provide premium and specific solutions to our clients diverse needs.


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Meiji Pakistan

A healthy baby is a Meiji Baby!

Meiji Mamilac

For Pregnant & lactating Mothers

Meiji FU

Follow up formula from 6 months

Meiji Pre

For pre mature and rapidly growing  low birth weight infants


Meiji Kids plus is a high quality growing up formula, designed to provide the nutritional support required for the healthy growth of children aged 3 years and onwards. 

Meiji FM-T

Infant formula from birth

Meiji Big

Growing up formula from 1 year onward

Meiji Lactoless

lactose free formula for dietary management of lactose intolerance and diarrhoea 

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