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Tummy Time:

Before your baby’s actually ready to crawl, moms need to give them plenty of tummy time from the start. Approximately 20 to 30 minutes of baby time is suggested till your baby is 3 to 4 months old. Playing with your baby during the tummy time helps to develop muscles which will further help the baby to crawl. Doing this activity multiple times of the day when your baby is awake and alert is always suggested by the consultants. Tummy time also helps to prevent that flat spot on the head, which usually occurs with the baby when the baby spends most of the time on the backs.

Incentivize the baby:

The best solution to help your baby encourage the crawling at the early stage is to try and incentivize your baby with reaching and grabbing a toy or any desirable objects beyond the baby’s reach. Consultants suggest using boxes or sofa cushions to create obstacles while playing with your baby help to negotiate and further help to develop better crawling skills. Along with your baby learning to crawl, it also helps in improving confidence and speed of the baby. It is also need to make sure that someone is always around the baby while doing this activity, as it might frighten the baby or can get stuck under the pillow or box.


The house needs to be childproofed whenever your baby is crawling. Because it can get into a lot of mischief. For example, your baby always tries to crawl towards the stairway or places that can hurt your baby in some or the other way that can be dangerous, so keeping special emphasis on the stairway is necessary. Moms need to supervise the whole crawling activity while childproofing on the other hand. Creating foam blocks is one of the best options to childproof the crawling activity.

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